Barack Obama DNA Test : He's not really Black!

WASHINGTON (Ucs News) — A routine medical examination has reviled the rising star of the Democratic party, Sen. Barack Obama, is not truly black. The DNA test, originally to screen for a rare genetic disease, showed Obama is in fact a caucasian male. The news has shocked many in Obama’s home state of Illinois and has caused Obama to be ejected from the Congressional Black Caucus.

The news of Obama’s race has sparked criticism from many on the Right and Left. Rush Limbaugh went on the air demanding Obama resign for committing “Fraud against the voters of Illinois.” The news of Obama’s condition has rocked the Democratic Parties presidential race.

In recent months, ABC News-Washington Post polls showed Sen. Hillary Clinton running 40 points higher than Sen. Barack Obama among blacks voters asked to name their preference in the Democratic primary.

But after Obama’s announcement the Washington Post reported a poll that has Obama leading Clinton by 11 points among black voters — 44 percent to 33 percent. Obama is the Senate’s only “black” member and has been campaigning across the country for the last couple of months. Clinton is his chief rival for the 2008 presidential nomination

That change represents a stunning 24-point swing, but does it mean the black community has embraced the now white Illinois Democrat as its candidate?