Barack Obama Punches Out FOX News' Chris Wallace

(Indiana) Ucs News– Barack Obama fights back. In an appearance on “FOX News Sunday,” The Illinois senator and Democratic front-runner ended the interview abruptly by delivering a right cross to the face Fox anchor Chris Wallace. As Wallace fell to the floor Obama looked into the camera and said “Now sir, let’s talk about the issues.”

According to Fox news staff the interview began cordially with Obama and Wallace exchanging questions and answers. About 15 minutes into the interview senator Obama requested the questions focus on issues important to the people of America. Wallace refused, continuing to press Obama on the topics of Bittergate, Wrightgate and Ayersgate. Apparently Barack Obama had enough.

Sixteen minutes and 45 seconds into the broadcast Obama stood up from his chair and leveled one punch at Wallace. Fox staffers were shocked into silence as the bloodied Wallace collapsed into a heap. According to the camera man “Mr. Obama sure hits hard.” A Fox News Producer speaking off the record later stated that he admired the Senators bold move, “Wallace had it coming, Obama delivered with style.”

The Illinois senator then took his seat and began to discuss how he would repair the Alternative Minimum Tax, reform military spending and offer affordable healthcare to the poor and working poor of America.