Barack Obama Run Down By John McCain's Straight Talk Express

(Florida) Barack Obama is resting comfortably today after be struck by the campaign bus of Presidential hopeful John McCain. The incident occurred directly after a meeting between Obama and McCain. Obama had just said good-bye to the fellow senator when the “Straight Talk Express” jumped the curb and struck the democratic candidate.

The two candidates had met to discuss the release of a joint statement outlining their mutual concerns about the Wall Street Bail Out Plan. The pair had also agreed to “rise above politics” to avoid the risk of “an economic catastrophe.” The two men shook hands and Obama stood by as McCain stepped behind the wheel of the bus.

Then, according to witnesses, as the bus started to move it swerved toward Obama who struck by the side of the bus. The bus then sped off to Washington D.C., the driver and passengers apparently unaware of the accident.

Moments later, while Barack Obama was being attended to by EMTs, the McCain campaign announced that John McCain would be “Heading to Washington to avert a national financial disaster and not engage in ay the petty politicking surrounding the issue.