Barack Obama Strikes Back! "If I'm linked to Hamas….John McCain is linked to Stupid"

(Washington : D.C.) It’s clear that Arizona Senator John McCain intends to attack the Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama on foreign policy issues. In campaign stump speeches McCain continues to portray the Illinois Senator as being the favorite candidate of the Terrorist group Hamas. In response Obama blasted Senator McCain “If I’m linked to Hamas….John McCain is linked to stupid”

The Illinois Senator said that he was disgusted by McCain’s “fear mongering disinformation campaign.” Obama then issued a challenge to John McCain directly, “I will accept a foreign policy debate when McCain is really to face the issues head on. If John McCain continues to dodge the Iraq war disaster by calling me a terrorist then I’m not going to waste my time talking to him.”

Obama campaign manager David Plouffe also had strong words for McCain’s campaign tactic’s. “I just think McCain is just plain stupid if he thinks this is what people need to hear from him. Personally I want to hear from John how he plans to get us out of Iraq after the 2008 election, not his withdrawn plan for the 2108 election.”