Barak Obama Becomes A Real Politician

I gotta tell you all, I’m a little pissed off this morning. The news is that David Geffen is backing Barak Obama and has dropped Hillary Clinton. That in itself is no problem of course, we all back the candidate of our choice and in truth, I still have no idea who I’m backing two years out of the election. But Geffen has decided to publicly dis his old friends Bill and Hillary. This too is no problem…the first amendment and all. The problem is not with the dissing, but with what was said. Geffen rhetorically asked, “who’s more ambitious than Hillary Clinton?” Well, Barak Obama, for one.

Senator Clinton, after helping her husband for a total of 12 years in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, spent another eight years with him in the White House. No one, Democrat or Republican, thinks that she just handled the dinner menu’s and gave mansion tours during that time. In addition, she’s into her second (and as a New Yorker, let me tell you) successful term as Senator. Mr. Obama would kill for that background; his is a bit sparser, so maybe he’s just sensitive about it. Either way, he’s refusing to back away from Geffen’s comments. So much for a civil debate.

Senator Obama faces the distinct possibility of becoming completely enamored of himself. No one’s criticizing him yet, he’s a phenomenon and he’s coming on strong. That can really fuck a guy up. On the other hand Hillary has been vilified, beaten, investigated and castigated. Each time, she’s come up stronger than before. No one here in New York of either party suggests that she’s a bad Senator. The Iraq war vote is the only thing they can point to that’s a problem. It’s a big one, I admit, but I also think she got lied to by Bush. Yeah, Obama voted against it, so would’ve I. But I’ve made a bunch of mistakes in my life too. At least she publicly regrets it.

I have to admit, I don’t think I want Barak Obama as my president, at least not yet. I’d love him as my Vice President until he gets some real experience. He’d make a great 2016 candidate. And unless someone better comes along, at this point the smartest, toughest and most experienced candidate the Democratic Party has is Hillary Clinton, with or without the support of some rich music mogul. Geffen’s very job description is too find the hot new thing that will sell the most units; he’s not too concerned with they’re staying power until they can prove it to him. That’s the record business. But this isn’t the record business; if this hot new star fails us, we can’t just drop his contract and look for the next big thing. So I’m not too concerned about what David Geffen says. What bothers me is that Obama is letting him say it on his behalf…that shows a weakness of character that’s disturbing, especially for a man who holds himself up as a paragon of civility.

One last thing, and this is directed at everyone: it’s never a good idea to screw with the Clinton’s, or even ignore them. Al Gore learned that in 2000, Kenneth Starr learned it during Whitewater, Newt Gingrich and the Congress learned it in 1998. Let’s hope Barak Obama learns it before it fucks him up.