Barak Obama Denies Involvement With Hillary 1984 Video.

Presidential hopeful, Senator Barak Obama, has denied that he or his campaign had any involvement with the creation of the now infamous You-Tube video of a 1984 Big Sister style Hillary Clinton which was based on the 1984 Apple computer ad which was based on the George Orwell book, 1984, which sadly wasn’t written in 1984, otherwise I could have written 1984 again..

A spokesman for the Senator vehemently disagreed with any suggestion that the Obama camp was responsible for the attack ad, saying, “Aside from coming up with the idea and hiring the company to produce it, we had no idea it would be such a big hit…I mean…oh, hey, is that the time? Gotta run.”

In further news from the Obama campaign, speculation is that the Senator, if nominated as the Democratic candidate in 2008, is going to name Philip De Vellis, the 33 year old creator the Hillary 1984 video, as his Vice-Presidential running mate; the theory being that America would be well served by bringing in such vibrant and creative young blood to the Party. Anyway, John Edwards is so 2000.

Spokespeople for Senator Hillary Clinton have declined to comment on the video; after all, what would be the point? Certainly this reporter, who was recently excoriated by readers for his views about Senator Obama (Obama Becomes A Real Politician) regarding his staff’s snarky comments about the David Geffen thing, which Senator Obama claimed to have knowledge of either, would never dream of openly wondering about Mr. Obama’s ability to run the nation if he can’t even keep his staff in line, as cute as he is. Far from it.

As the 2008 campaign becomes the first You-Tube election, the voting public is anxiously awaiting the next video salvo in order to help them make their choice of who to elect as the leader of the free world. All agree however, that with the Republican’s pitiful showing in the last election with their Swift Boat Veterans For Truth ads, that the overwhelming favorite will be a Democrat. After all, they’re already showing real promise.