Barbie and TMX Elmo Insulted by Hot New Christmas Toy : Boratz

New York, NY (APE) – In a breathtaking last-minute surge, the new toy “Boratz” appears to be the hottest item for kids under the Christmas tree this year. Stores have sold out nationwide, with fist fights actually breaking out amongst customers for the few remaining insult dolls. Boratz manufacturer, MGA, appears to have successfully married the popular movie character to the ever elusive six to 12-year-old market, creating the must-have toy for kids this year.

With animatronic antics and speech rivaling TMX Elmo, the $50 Boratz has also raised eyebrows of parents and advocacy groups alike by bringing racism, chauvinism, and various other isms straight into the homes of impressionable children. At the push of a button, Boratz offers thinly veiled and suggestive insults to other toys, followed by a resounding “thumbs up” by the doll. As an example, when placed near a Barbie or a Ken and activated, the anatomically correct Boratz might offer, “What has happened to your pee pee?!”

In another stroke of marketing genius, MGA also elected not to include Boratz’ trademark accessory, the yellow, over the shoulder slingshot thong. This is being sold as an accessory and apparently is in even more short supply than the doll itself.

EBay accounts have sprung up over the weekend with apparent offers of over $1000 in some cases for the doll. There is apparently one eBay member offering to swap even for the doll with a brand-new PlayStation 2. A fistfight broke out this weekend in a Toys “R” Us in Seattle, but it was not immediately apparent if it was over the last Boratz doll on display, or something that the doll itself might have said.