Barefoot Bandit Secretly Inks $5 Million Movie Deal

It seems crime does pay, at least for “Barefoot Bandit” Colton Harris-Moore, as the ex-fugitive has secretly signed a $12 million deal with 20th Century Fox to produce a movie about his famous exploits.

Harris-Moore leaped to fame in 2010 by stealing boats, planes and cars while committing hundreds of residential burglaries, many of them barefoot. His fan base on Facebook and other social networking sites registered in the millions.

Legally Harris-Moore is not allowed to profit from his crimes so 20th Century Fox executives have set up a secret account for him in Bermuda under an assumed name.

“This kid is going to make us all very rich!” said studio executive Fred Hammerslut. “We had to pay some big money and break a few laws but the payoff will be big! But mums the word! I don’t want to get in trouble!”

Harris-Moore encourages other abused youth to commit crimes so they can profit as well.