Battle for Basra : George W. Bush "US Troops are Winning the War"

(Linden : Ucs News) In a press conference called by the avatar of George W. Bush, the Bush Administration announced that US troops now have the upper hand in the second Battle of Basra. According to the president “The Mahdi Army is broken, on the run and we have control of the city.” This account of events has been confirmed by the second life system monitor in Linden.

The struggle for Iraq in Second Life has been a hard fought campaign with 5 years bitter fighting in the virtual versions of Baghdad, Basra and Fallujah. The focus on the on-line struggle has been the Mahdi Army militia, lead by radical Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr. Sadr has been a tenacious player according to the second life system monitor.

The Bush administration surged troops though Linden into the the second life Iraq. The surge troops fanned out across Baghdad and took up positions in Basra. While the surge was hailed as a success by the Bush administration, however the ongoing fight in Basra and attacks on the Green zone point to Sadr controlling the tempo of war.

While the fight in second life seems to be favoring the US backed Iraqi government the situation in the real Iraq has reached a breaking point. With political pressure mounting in the real world and election nearing, the Bush Administration needs to show the America’s voting tax payers the war is not futile effort.