Battle for Second Life Ends as World of War Craft Hordes Drive Halo 2 Troopers Back to Xbox Live …

The online world of Second Life is quiet tonight as major hostilities between three online worlds have ended. The forces of World of War Craft have managed to expel the Halo 2 invaders from Second Life, thus ending The Internet War to End All Wars. World of War Craft forces have also retreated from the network breach they created into the Xbox Live Network, a flanking maneuver widely seen as the key to their victory.

“Second World is a total wreck.” Says Linden Labs Chief Technology Officer Cory Ondrejka. “But the Inter Nic has promised us funds and support in our rebuilding efforts. Our friends from World of War Craft have even agreed to stay on for a while and help with security. Things are looking up.”

Not everyone is pleased with the situation on the Second World. Many residents are finding the presence of such a large number of troops unnerving.

“I have to say I was very glad the Hordes came in and drove the Halo 2 troops off.” Says resident Wesley Regenbogen. “The Halo 2ers are a bad lot, but I kind of wish the Hordes would leave too. I don’t want to be ungrateful, but honestly we just changed who was manning the check points.”

World of War Craft tribal leaders insist they are there by invitation of Linden Labs and will withdraw as soon as the security situation stabilizes. They privately admit that considering the security challenges facing the internet they may have to stay a very long time.