Bay of Pigs Vets Launch Invasion of Fidel Castro's Cuba

Unconfirmed sources report that a group of Cuban exiles led by veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion force have launched as amphibious assault on the island of Cuba. The invasion force of nearly half a dozen aging power boats sailed triumphantly out of the port of Miami today. They expect to reach Cuban waters late tomorrow in plenty of time for a sneak attack the following morning.

“This time it will be different.” Says 74 year old double amputee ‘Raul’. “We got it bad last time, but it will be different now. We have the full support of the United States behind us. We know if we get into any really heavy combat George W. Bush will be right behind us. We also have excellent satellite imagery from google earth and GPS, how can we go wrong? Freedom is on the march!”

Nearly twenty supportive Cubans gathered at the port to see the brave men of the feet depart on their daring mission. The hopes of many Cuban exiles will ride with Vets as they try to free Cuba from the 50 year reign of terror that has been the rule of Fidel Castro.

The ‘Freedom Fleet’ ran into trouble early as two of the ships collided while exiting the harbor. After much good natured yelling and several minutes with a stout pry bar the two ships regained way and continued their historic journey to Cuba. That is until another vessel had engine trouble and the fleet was delayed again until the stricken fishing boat was taken under tow for the rest of the trip.