Beijing Olympic Knock-offs contain Lead, PVC

(Beijing, China) Ucs News– International Olympic Committee officials confirmed that illegal copies of Beijing Olympics have been contaminated with toxic levels of lead and PVC. According to IOC officials routine testing showed the “copy” Olympics contained both lead and PVC levels well above safe limits.

IOC chairman Jacques Rogge stated, “We knew there would be a real danger of the Olympics being pirated but in the interest of building the Olympic brand in Asia we thought the danger to be minimal.” Rogge then stated the IOC would be seeking a refund for the effected events.

Chinese Olympic officials have opened an investigation into the copyright infringement and contamination cases. Sources inside the probe have informed Ucs News that several subcontractors have already been marked as “of interest.”

Investigators found copies of the “boot leg” Olympics for sale in China weeks ahead of the official start of the games.