Beijing Smog Chamber gives US Olympic Athletes the Competitive Edge

(US Olympic Training Center) Ucs Sports News– With the nations pride at stake US Olympic athletes train with the world most advance techniques and high tech hardware. Inside the US Olympic training center’s sports performance lab is a unique smoke filled room. Unofficially called the “Smog Zone” by the athletes, the Beijing Air Device (B.A.D.) chamber is filled with just the right mix of carbon monoxide, dust and humidity to replicate the air found in the Chinese Olympic venues

According to the Sports Performance Lab manager I.B. Cheatingsworth , the B.A.D. air chamber is critical to the success of the American Olympic effort. “While many athletes are trying to avoid the terrible air conditions in Beijing we are tuning American athletes to thrive in the adverse conditions.” stated Cheatingsworth.

The chamber fitted with stationary bikes, treadmills and living quarters allows top US athletes to train in the ideal Beijing like environmental conditions. The living quarters are key to the effort, forcing the athletes to work out and recover in the same conditions the will face in Beijing.

Over the past 30 years US Olympic trainers have learned a lot about sports performance in smogy air conditions. The events held in Athens, LA and Atlanta were key to understanding how top athletes perform in poor environmental conditions. Cheatingsworth commented that the Sydney Olympics was a disappointment for him. “The advantage we gained by training in the BAD air chamber was lost due to the better than average air quality of Sydney. So we are looking forward to poor air quality in China “