Ben Bernanke admits to being influenced by sim video games

WASHINGTON, D.C.–In a Wednesday press conference, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted to being “influenced” by simulation video games. He said that his view of the economy has been shaped by playing these video games.

“I have played a lot of sim video games. In those games, you can usually use a cheat code to create yourself more money out of thin air. And then you can turn around and buy whatever you need and want to win the game. There is never price inflation as a result of using these cheat codes, and there is never a run on real wealth. I guess the real economy doesn’t work quite like the video games that I have played,” said Ben Bernanke.

Ben Bernanke compared his destruction of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet to using a cheat code in a sim video game, and said that what he is doing would hopefully lead to “winning the game” – i.e., rescuing the economy. Bernanke is now saying that if his economic plans fail, it would be the fault of William Wright, the man who pioneered sim video games with SimCity.

“You can take the rest of your questions to William Wright,” said an embattled Fed Chairman.

Many economists have been surprised to find out that everything they believe about Ben Bernanke, and thus their view of the economy, has been based upon sim video games.

“You mean to tell me everything I was taught about inflating our way out of recession was based upon applying a sim video game cheat code to the real world?” asked Robin Banks, an economist with Risky Ventures, Inc.