” Does anyone remember the illustrious President Benjamin Harrison on Presidents’ Day?”
Kenneth Tasker, founder and president of the Benjamin Harrison Fan Club asked those attending a meeting at club headquarters in this Indiana City.

” Everyone remembers Roosevelt, Lincoln, Washington, Kennedy, Reagan….even Nixon and our present one, but how many pay tribute to our forgotten ones…John Tyler, Chester A. Arthur, Martin van Buren, and especially, old Ben?”
“We try to keep his name before the public. Our fan club now has 32 members devoted to one of our great presidents,” he added.
Jimmy Neal, age 12, who attended the meeting with his father, raised his hand. “Yes Jimmy?” asked Tasker.
” I never heard of him!” responded Jimmy. “What did he do?”
“Well…..let me look at my notes…. He lived at 1230 N. Delaware Street in Indianapolis, zip code 46202. He was born August 20th 1833 in North Bend, Ohio and died March 13th 1901and is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery here.. He was five feet six inches tall. His wife’s name was Caroline Lavenia Scott, He was the 23rd President…..”
“But WHAT did he do?” insisted young Jimmy.
” Ah… I really don’t know, I’ll have to look it up, but you have to remember he WAS a President.”
” Ya mean like the one we have now? ….My father says no one will remember him either. ” Jimmy responded.
” Jimmy, Our present President WILL be remembered. Perhaps not as our great Benjamin Harrison is remembered.. but yes, he certainly will be remembered!”