The frightening fact is that this ‘war’ is not a a war against terrorism, or a war against the Taliban,… or a war against Shiites, Sunnis, or other factions….
It’s a HOLY WAR pitting two maniacal and paranoid religious fundamentalists, George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden, against each other; each attempting to totally obliterate the other’s “heretical, false and Godless religion” from the face of the earth.

Both of these dangerous men, who, while professing belief to a Higher Authority of Peace and Love, use their Deity to inflict death, destruction and unbelievable hatred upon the adherents of the ‘ wrong religion’ for not worshiping the ‘Real God’.

The sadness is that this is taking place, not in the 15th century of burning heretics at the stake, but in the ‘enlightened’ 21st century. Even more frightening is that each of these madmen, taking ‘Orders from Above’ have millions of like minded fanatics cheering them on.

Forget oil, democracy, and other reasons for the ‘war’. These are tossed about by Bush to recruit ‘ loyal and patriotic Americans’ to his Crusade. Bin Laden and his followers are doing the same by painting Western civilization as decadent and corrupt.

Prediction? In about seven years, this great and benevolent God of Love and Peace will passively watch as all humankind perishes in a nuclear holocaust in His name.

…and perhaps in another several million years, when the radioactivity subsides, some tiny organism will leave the sea. crawl on the land, create a mystical God, and the cycle will repeat