Bill and Ted… and the Sequel… Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

A little photoshop fun for this fine Saturday morning! This one goes out to all you loyal progressive Dems in the great states of Alaska and Tennessee. In the first movie, we have Doofus attempt to help Bill and Ted rewrite history. In the sequel (after the fold) Bill and Ted play games with Death in an attempt to rescue Doofus and preserve their version of history… Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to chime in with your favorite “modified” lines and dialogues from the movies…

I’ll start:

Bill: “Ted, strange things are afoot at the Circle K-Street…”

“I’m Bill H. Friston, esquire… and I’m Ted, Theodore Stevens… and together we are… Wyld Scoundrels!!!

“And now, San Dimas High, we present to you the greatest president in American history, Mr. Ronald Reagan!”