Bill O'Reilly Bursts a Vessel and Orders Hit on Keith Olbermann and 'Mike from Orlando'

Unconfirmed sources report that TV personality Bill O’Reilly has been admitted to hospital for treatment of a burst blood vessel in his forehead. The vessel popped shortly after an on-air melt down O’Reilly suffered when ‘Mike from Orlando’ mentioned Keith Olbermann’s name during a call in segment of the failing Fox entertainment program the Factor.

O’Reilly, who is having an on air feud with Keith Olbermann from MSNBC, is reportedly in stable condition and has been heavily sedated. His doctors said O’Reilly was resting comfortably and is expected to make a full recovery having had minor surgery to fix the vessel that popped on his fore head.

“This type of injury is very common in people who are ‘tightly wound’.” Explained O’Reilly’s doctor. “Bill has been under a lot of pressure lately, with the ratings of his program plunging and all the sex scandals and hush money. It is really no surprise he has had some type of break down. He is very lucky, and with a little bit of therapy he should make a full recovery, mostly.”

The news for ‘Mike from Orlando’ and Keith Olbermann is a little less positive however. Before suffering his bust vessel O’Reilly apparently called in a hit on the pair. Police have been put on alert and the potential victims are under close watch. Authorities believe that will all the publicity the contracts are unlikely to be honored, but just the same they are taking no chances.

The organization O’Reilly called to bring heat on Olbermann and ‘Mike from Orlando’ has been under pressure from local law enforcement to provide details of the contracts, but FOX Security denies that they do that sort of thing anymore. Authorities know that O’Reilly provided information to FOX Security and also threatened that ‘Mike from Orlando’ should ‘expect a visit’ and that he ‘is a gone guy’ and ‘will be held accountable, believe it.”

Federal investigators are now investigating O’Reilly to see if the on-air treats violated the law. O’Reilly’s attorneys refused to comment on the currents situation or any of the other scandals the TV personality is embroiled in.

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