Bill O'Reilly's Letter To The Citizens of New Orleans

(New York–NY) They are the four words you never thought you’d hear from Bill O’Reilly. “I am deeply sorry.” And they were in a written reply to the homeless of New Orleans, who O’Reilly maintained “were drug-addicted” and “weren’t going to get turned off from their source” as the reason for their refusal to leave before hurricane Katrina. Those comments were from his September 13 broadcast of “Radio Factor”.

O’Reilly wrote the apology, printed in the “New Orleans Times Picayune”, after attending a recent memorial for “Jet” Founder, John H. Johnson. At the tribute, O’Reilly was surprised to learn that African Americans could now protest without persecution. O’Reilly’s exact reaction was “Uh-oh.” He then asked: “Are you sure?”

Here, then, is Bill O’Reilly’s apology.

“To The People Of New Orleans,

I am deeply sorry for my comments.

What I meant to say is that while you wanted to leave you were probably too high to drive a car; realizing that safety is first and not wanting to put motorist lives at risk, you chose to perish. Stupid, perhaps. Courageous, without doubt.

When I said ‘ten percent of Americans are never going to be able to fend for themselves. No matter how much money you pour in, they’re always going to be in that condition,’ I meant