Tallahassee – When the state of Florida runs out of money, there is always an easy solution; Cancel funding for the poorest and most inarticulate groups…kids, the poor, the uneducated… and our Governor Charlie Chris’s legislature has already taken action to cancel or underfund these. It’s now time for the legislature to tackle REALLY IMPORTANT ISSUES..

Would you believe? Use of the term ‘evolution’ was banned in Florida’s schools. ( teachers were required to say ‘biological change over time’) Now, the legislature says that teachers ‘won’t be punished’ for using this terrible word, as long as other alternative views to evolution are taught.

Oh no, the legislature isn’t going home yet. Lots of more important matters to take up. How about a bill that would require all crowns, and other dental work to be labeled with the metals they contain and where they were manufactured? Wow, great!

Wait, can’t leave yet Congressmen, until you consider several other serious bills.
I see one has already been approved; we taxpayers are overjoyed to hear that the gopher tortoise is now the official state tortoise. Great! “We can close down and go home now?” Not so fast…I see that efforts to replace plastic bags with biodegradable paper ones, as San Francisco has successfully done, was turned down. Supermarkets didn’t like that one.It would of cost them a bit more.

You can take off after this next one….State Senate Majority leader Daniel Webster, has introduced a bill saying that any woman seeking an abortion in Florida first has to witness an ultrasound of her cute little baby in the womb, happily playing, waving and singing. ” It will have an impact on how women access abortion” says Elizabeth Nash of the reproductive rights group, The Guttmacher Institute.

Great job, guys and gals…you can take off now.