Bin Laden Video Displays Al-Qaeda Technical Savvy

Washington, DC (Rotters) – Intelligence sources stated that the verdict was still out as to the authenticity of the recently released Bin Laden video in which he makes a contemporary plea for martyrdom. Experts agreed however that the video showed a disturbing leap in proficiency and technical expertise in Al Qaeda’s ability to get their message across to a younger, “hipper” pool of potential recruits worldwide and particularly in the US.

“This is a direct appeal to a growing sense of anger and frustration among America’s inner city Muslim population,” stated FBI special agent Colin M. Asaseum. “Through the use of special effects and sophisticated sound tracks, these catchy video appeals to jihad are marketable, and are on the verge of becoming a real source of revenue and support for the fledgling Al-Qaeda in America.”

“Just take a look at the recent attacks in England,” stated Special Agent Asaseum. “These were high end autos involved… a definite appeal to a younger audience.”

Bin Laden’s latest video features a rap appeal to the duty of martyrdom for all Muslims, and has been receiving considerable play and recognition throughout the internet. Authorities have accused Al-Qaeda of simply lip-synching and remixing previous video of Bin Laden with more contemporary settings, although this has yet to be definitively proven.

“Bin Laden may very well be dead for all we know,” stated Asaseum, “but with the help of some of today’s “off the shelf” computer technologies, it doesn’t really matter. It’s even conceivably possible to have the American people believe the Vice President was still alive if need be.”