Blair Asks for and Receives Political Asylum in America from Bush

Washington, DC (APE) – Scarcely minutes after a nationally televised meeting at the White House between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and President Bush was completed, White House sources stated that Mr. Blair asked for and was granted political asylum in America by President Bush. This comes on the heels of the revelation in Britain that Attorney General Lord Peter Goldsmith has been ordered to turn over controversial papers dealing with legal advice given to Mr. Blair prior to the run-up to the war in Iraq. The papers apparently demonstrate Blair’s complicity in deceiving the British government over the illegality of a war in Iraq, at the behest of the Bush administration.

The two leaders, Bush and Blair, had earlier met with reporters at the White House to discuss unforeseen setbacks in the Iraq war and expressed support for the fledgling government which is now in place. Both seemed positive and upbeat in regards to the future for Iraq but neither mentioned the events unfolding in the United Kingdom.

White House spokesperson Tony Snow stated, “The president is very understanding and sympathetic in regards to this minor setback for Mr. Blair. He expressed to Mr. Blair his hope that Great Britain would soon be able to dispense with these irrational misgivings much the same as has been accomplished in America, and get back to the task of putting the Middle East in order. Mr. Blair is certainly welcome in the White House for as long as he deems necessary, and has nothing to fear from any legal repercussions in America.”

Bush and Blair, clearly enjoying each other’s company, afterwards entertained White House staffers with an impromptu guitar concert featuring the Beatles hit “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.