Blair Blames Self for London Bombings

Unconfirmed sources report that British Prime Minister Tony Blair is taking full responsibility for the bombing attacks in London toady. In a tearful press conference this morning Blair spoke to the nation and asked to be forgiven for involving Britain in the misguided American military adventure in Iraq. Blair feels very strongly that had British stayed out of the conflict this terrorist attack in London would have never happened.

“It’s all my fault.” Admitted Blair thought a veil of tears. “I should have never followed that crazy Texas madman into Iraq. These terrible attacks have driven home the point that we should not be in Iraq. Our entry into the war was a mistake and we knew it. The Downing Street memos lay it all out. Bush and his minions wanted to go to war and were assembling a collection of lies and falsehoods to make their case. We knew they where doing it and stood by. I have failed Briton by not standing up to the American war mongers; this shall no longer be the case.”

Blair then promised that British troops would begin a phased pullout from Iraq and would be fully withdrawn in two months. He also vowed to step down as prime minister as soon as British troop are out of harms way. He then reveled that he has asked the UN to name him the official Envoy of Peace in the Middle East. From this position he would, through, peaceful means; try to bridge the growing gap between Arabs and the West.

“I have seen the light.” said Blair. “The Christen thing to do is turn the other cheek and find our way forward to peace with dialogue and reconciliation, not by force of arms.”

American response to the British action was swift and succinct.

“I knew those Brits didn’t have the stomach for it.” Said Bush as he left the G8 summit. “They can join the Frogs and rot in hell for all I care.”