New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced today, that he is leaving the Republican Party to govern as an independent.
Upon hearing this, all Republicans who have either officially said they will run, or are potential candidates for the Presidency, have denounced their Republican affiliation to form third parties. The Republican National Committee is desperately looking for candidates who are willing to run for president as Republicans.

James Gilmore has formed the ‘ Jesus and the NRA loves Gilmore, Party’.
Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich will run under his new banner,
‘ Follow Newt and Share the Loot. Party.
Rudy Giuliani’s new party; ‘Me,The 9/11 Hero, Party’.
Mike Huchabee has created, ‘Save the Poor little Fetuses, Party’.
Duncan Hunter will run under ‘ Hunters and Dunkers for Duncan Hunter’.
Ron Paul has established ‘ Texans,Ya’ll gotta vote for Paul, Party’.
Mitt Romney’s creation is, Polygamy OK, but no Same Sex, Party’.
Mike Huckabee has formed, ‘Be lucky with Hucky’.
Dalton Thompson and Tommy Thompson will run jointly as ‘Two Thompsons are Better Than One, Party’.

Upon hearing of the mass defection, President Bush appeared unconcerned. “We still have a winner in 2008; my brother Jeb.”
But Jeb Bush responded half-heartedly, “If I don’t change my party affiliation, I might have to change my name!”