Blu-Ray Nintendo Wii sighted in Tokyo

(Akihabra, Tokyo) Ucs Tech News : Unconfirmed sources report the Nintendo Wii Blu-Ray has been sighted in the wild. According to the source, a high level Tokyo gamer, was hunting through alleyways and tiny stalls of the Akihabra electronics district and sighted the heavily modified Wii Blu-Ray game console.

With rumors of a Blu-Ray add-on for the 360 are showing up again it’s logical that Nintendo would develope the technology. Tracing the origin of the modified Wii, Ucs Tech News has it from Nintendo insiders that a Blu-Ray installation is already specced out and just needs to go through the approval process. They foresee a release as soon as May 2008.

Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata stated in a February press release that “Nintendo is reviewing the Blu-ray technology and considering how it could enhance the Wii gaming experience.” While the official word is wait and see rumors combined with the appearance of the console found in Akihabra has Wii watchers buzzing.

According to various Wii gaming blogs, the addition of a Blu-Ray drive and upgraded processor could spell trouble for Sony and the Playstation 3. The Current PowerPC-based “Broadway” processor clocked at 729 MHz is the slowest of the 3 major consoles but word has leaked that Nintendo is already in negotiation with AMD to purchase the next generation of the Athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor.