Bob Woodward Arrested for Treason

Federal officers, by order of the President, raided the offices of the Washington Post today and arrested Bob Woodward on charges of treason today. Woodward, whose most recent book The War Within has reveled sensitive information about the White House and alleges that the Bush administration spied on the new Iraqi government, was taken into custody and spirited away to an undisclosed location.

“It’s about time the President stood up to the liberal media elite.” Says columnist George Will. “Guys like Woodward have gotten a free ride long enough. Its about time people who have gotten it wrong so many times in the past are taken to account. Woodward is getting what he deserves. I for one am glad he was taken into custody. By the way my new book George Bush :The Warrior Messiah will be on newsstands next week.”

“What does this mean…? Squat! That’s what it means.” Says Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly. “Woodward is a flake. Tell me one big story he has broken! One! You can’t. Can you? He probably got picked up as part of left wing terrorist investigation.”

The Washington Post has appealed to the White House for information on the whereabouts of Woodward, but has received no information.


Unconfirmed sources now indicate that Woodward has been taken to the White House for an in depth interview with the President himself. The President apparently feels misused by Woodward and has some a few very severe questions he wants answered. Photo’s of the interview have been sent to the Washington Post to confirmed the heath and well being of Woodward.