Bob Woodward Exposes More White House Links to Valerie Plame Leaker

Unconfirmed sources report that reporter Bob Woodward has detailed information about the smear campaign mounted by the White House against critic Joe Wilson. Woodward’s close ties to the White house gave him special access to the inner workings of the smear machine and he has decided to come clean. He has released dozens of secret documents and even a photo that proves the White House purposely leaked CIA Agent Valerie Plame’s identity.

“Bob Woodward has done it again.” Says veteran news man Gill Seacrest. “Who could possibly imagine one reporter could break two stories that could lead the resignation of two American Presidents. God love him but, that Bob is pit viper. I just wonder why any of those dumb sons-a-bitches in the White House even talked to the guy? But I guess that’s what makes Bob so good.”

The evidence Woodward turned over to Prosecutor Fitzgerald contains damning information about all the usual suspects including , Rove, Libby, Addington, Cheney and even more about the mystery Official A. The evidence includes papers, recordings and one intriguing photograph of a bill board that once briefly graced the White House.

“After reading some of the documents I wonder if I was only one in Washington who didn’t get a call from Karl Rove.” Wonders White House Reporter Kurt Hendricks of the Daily Star Telegraph. “I mean that Karl was a busy man, who has that kind of time to call so many people and causally mention the identity of a CIA agent? I wish I had that kind of energy. But what really makes me mad though, is that I didn’t know Plame was a CIA agent. I must really suck if I didn’t know that.”

Hendricks may be right for a recent poll done by the Pew Center on the People and the Press found that 21% of the American public knew for sure Plame was a CIA before Bob Novak leaked her identify. And a further 72%, kind of though she was. The remaining 7% of respondents pled the 5th amendment.