Boston Big Dig Plagued with Expensive Feng Shui Errors

(Boston : Ucs News) Two months after turnpike managers parted with the Big Dig’s chief engineer and shuttered the project’s offices workers are contending with a long list Feng Shui Errors, an indication that the Big Dig remains a long way from finality. According to the projects lead Feng Shui consultant Tao Shilong, “The project still has many energy blockages. The repair and rework costs are estimated at another 3.5 Billion dollars.”

In the case of the Big Dig, an entire state is struggling with the whims of Feng Shui consultant Tao Shilong over the manhole covers that need replacing, the misplaced signs, colors of pedestrian handrails on the sidewalk. At the same time, more serious Feng Shui safety issues are also delaying the project’s completion.

But the many Qi, or energy flow errors are easily left undone could and could be overlooked now that managers at the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority have declared the Big Dig all but finished.
Today, the Big Dig has the long ” Feng Shui punch list” – contractor-speak for the cleanup jobs, finishing touches, and repairs that remain after the main job is done.

“It’s a $14 billion project. It’s not a $200,000 house,” said Alan LeBovidge, executive director of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, which runs the Big Dig. “It’s a massive project. This is our Hoover Dam and we have to make sure the Feng Shui energy flows correctly.” LeBovidge is right to be concerned, The city of Portland Oregon announced this week that it would be starting city wide Acupuncture and Homeopathic drinking water treatments.