Attorney General Gonzales, another of the President’s horrific choices, is about to join the ranks of liars, thieves, incompetents, and other deplorable and distressing appointments he has made, based solely on friendship and loyalty.

Knowledge, ability and qualification for the job never entered the equation and the nation has suffered for Bush’s abysmal selections. The war, Katrina, the poor among us, health and the environment have suffered as a result. Not only will this president go down as the very worst in history, but much of the damage which has occurred under his ineptitude may never again be corrected.

Fellow Americans, lets take our country back and once again proudly become an admired and trustworthy member of the world community.

The only solution is the impeachment of the President and Cheney followed by the replacement of the scores of his ill-advised and unfit cronies by dedicated, qualified and competent public servants.