Boy George on Crawford Garbage Duty

Crawford, TX (O! Online) – President George W. Bush, otherwise affectionately known as “Boy George”, recently completed in secrecy five days of community service in Crawford, Texas while he was purportedly on vacation. A mere handful of selected photographers were on hand to document the service for posterity, and it was unclear whether Boy George actually completed the entire five days of service.

The Secret Service, citing national security concerns, kept Boy George’s service largely secret from the public, and the prying eyes of Cindy Sheehan’s antiwar protest group stationed elsewhere in the town.

Boy George began his community service promptly at 7 a.m. on a Wednesday morning and by 7:15, he had turned in his shovel for a mountain bike, leaving the bulk of the duties to an admiring and supportive Crawford sanitation worker.

The president’s community service, came as a result of a protracted court fight over a number of drug charges and a drunken driving conviction that he was hit with in the early 70s in Houston, Texas. A White House spokesperson stated that the president’s legal team, in secret, had finally exhausted all options and appeals, but were proud of the fact that they had been able to negotiate the convictions down to five days of community service.

Before abandoning his post, the 60-year-old president traded jokes with a Crawford sanitation worker and photographers assembled to document the event.

“I think that that guy’s a lot better at this than me. I should just go home. Let him do my community service,” Bush joked. “I feel really humbled by him. Why don’t we just let him go on about his hard work.”

White House spokesperson Tony Snow told those assembled that the President was trying his best not to “show any kind of emotion about this thing.”

“He takes it as national pride,” Snow said. “We all need to humiliate people that think he’s not a humble person.”