Brady Bunch Jan and Marsha Lesbian Encounter Still Photo Surfaces

Holywood, CA (DMZ) – New photographic evidence of a possible brief sexual affair between former child stars Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb of the 70s family show The Brady Bunch has surfaced. The picture, a still shot taken in the girl’s bedroom set for the show, depicts the two being interrupted during an intimate moment. The photo has surfaced as an expectant public awaits the release of Maureen McCormick’s autobiography which will reportedly document the “crush” between the two girls.

McCormick states that she is not embarrassed by the relationship or the photograph that has surfaced. She stated that she has decided to openly express her feelings in regards to the relationship in support of all teenage girls who sometimes experience these urges normally.

McCormick goes on to state that the relationship was brief and likely evolved as a result of what she describes as lack of interest from their “immature” male costars.

In her autobiography, McCormick reportedly further goes on to describe her problems with cocaine addiction. She refused to answer questions and spoil for readers her revelations as to the origins of her addiction, but many believe that she will name the Brady’s high-energy housekeeper, Alice Nelson portrayed by Ann B. Davis.