"Brawling" Sarah Palin Loses Key Endorsement : NASM to support Obama

(Washington D.C.) Ucs News- Unconfirmed Sources report that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has lost the endorsement of the National Association of Soccer Moms. (NASM) The word from inside the 18 million member association is that “Sarah Palin’s vicious and cheeky campaigning style is undignified and does not represent the ideals of Soccer Moms.”

According to Linda Birchbaum of Shaker Heights Ohio, “Sarah Palin’s negative campaigning is well outside the National Soccer Moms Association rules of conduct and standards of ethical behavior. There just isn’t a place for the likes of Sarah Palin on our sidelines. “We don’t trash talk and we respect the decisions of the referee.” Apparently, Palin’s disregard and disrespect of debate moderator Gwen Ifill was the trigger causing the group to endorse Michelle and Barack Obama.

Birchbaum believes, as do most the groups soccer moms, that reproductive rights belong to families, not the state, the federal government or the courts (Supreme or other wise.) “I’m not a fan of abortion but I do believe with education and contraception it can be rare, safe and legal,” said Birchbaum. Off the record, she did explain that she and her husband enjoy their two children and can manage a man to man game. A third child would demand a “zone” defense, “It’s just not something we are comfortable with.”

The group is also disappointed with Sarah Palin’s decision to pull her kids from school and take them on the campaign trail. “It’s no place for children.” Considering the terrible things she is saying, I wish she would have left Todd to his fatherly duties in Alaska. If the kids are out of school they will be missing games, this is against the National Association of Soccer Moms code of conduct.” Said Birchbaum.