Breaking: Imus Inks Deal with Fox News for Morning Show

New York, NY (Rotters) – In what media insiders are calling an unprecedented display of his characteristic resilience, former MSNBC and CBS talk show host Don Imus, just today fired by last holdout CBS for crude remarks, has announced that he has signed a multi million dollar deal with Fox News to migrate his MSNBC/CBS morning show to Fox’s early morning time slot.

A Fox News spokesperson heralded the move as a win-win scenario for both parties and stated that the network was looking forward to providing the resources to take Imus’ morning show to the next level. “We are truly blessed to have such a talented, intelligent, and well informed personality on board,” stated Fox’s programming director Feherely Ballance. “It was just such a shame to have to sit back and watch this true comic genius become so embroiled in such a nasty hypocritical incident.”

Plans at this point are to have Imus host an early morning news commentary/comedy show reminiscent of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show on Comedy Central.

“Our audience is virtually ready made for this type of format,” stated Ballance. “Don should serve as a wonderful counterpoint to the serious journalistic endeavors of Bill Oreilly.”

Ballance went on to state that the show would report the top news stories of the day, and in a nod to competitor MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, Imus would feature a segment called “The Worst Hos of the Day”. Ballance stated that they were hoping to have the Rutgers national champion women’s basketball team on the show next week to discuss how their fortunes have increased since the recognition afforded them through Imus.