Breaking: Sarah Palin Arrested – Candidate to face Ethics charges in "Trooper Gate"

(St. Clairsville Ohio) Ucs News– Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin was rudy awakened by Alaskan State Troopers this moring. Following orders issues by Alaskan judge Byran Davis, the troopers hand cuffed Palin and escorted her to a waiting justice department jet bound for Alaska. Palin will be held without bail until Monday when she will face judge Davis and 18 separate ethics charges .

The ethics charges list 18 “events” of improper behavior by Sarah and Todd Palin, the indictment says that Gov. Palin “knowingly” engaged in various kinds of improper behavior with regard to Trooper Wooten and therefore “abused her power as Governor” and “violated . . . the Ethics Act.”

The indictment also said that “compliance with the code of ethics is not optional” and that the efforts to benefit her personal interests was a violation of “trust.”

Judge Davis notes that the Constitution of Alaska allows the Governor to fire the head of any department for “virtually any reason.” He noted that she could have had some reasons in additional to her unethical motives, and that is enough to make the action constitutional.
She did not exceed the constitutional authority of the Governor’s Office — but perhaps even Governor Palin would agree that there are some standards that are even higher than those of a state’s constitution.