Breitbart News Network Wins Best Fiction Prize for 2016

Trump awards Bannon Golden Ass!
Trump awards Bannon Golden Ass!

(New York)  Unconfirmed Sources report that the web site has been awarded the prestigious 2016 William Hearst Fiction Award.  The much sought after prize is awarded for the best body of fictional work in a year.

“Not even close!” admits Hearst Fiction Award chairman James McCord.  “The folks at Breitbart won it going away.  Winning this prizes is not about one or too good fictional stories, it’s about a massive body of fictitious works.  Think about it as a life time achievement award for fiction writers.”

The scene at the Breitbart Creative Writing Center was euphoric today as news spread of the award.  Writers from every department cheered in celebration.  Kudos from fellow fiction writers flooded into Breitbart.

“Boy, I thought was good at making up shit.” says Info Wars host Alex Jones “But the guys at Breitbart kicked my fat ass this year.  My work is FAKE crap, but there work is even FAKER than mine.  Good work guys!”

TV Personality Donald Trump was on hand to present the Golden Ass Trophy to Stephen Bannon and the staff at Breitbart.