Brett Favre to be NFL's "Steady Quarterback" in 2008-2009 season

Green Bay, Wis. – – In a surprising resolution to the brewing controversy of Brett Favre’s tearful pseudo-retirement, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Green Bay Packers President, Chairman of the Board and CEO Mark Murphy today announced an unprecedented decision: Favre will serve as the NFL’s designated quarterback for the 2008-2009 season, with an option for the following season.

“This really is a win-win situation,” said Goodell. “No team wants to be burdened by a fading star, least of all Green Bay, which has suffered for so long through false promises of Brett’s retirement. But at the same time, Brett is a bona fide living legend and future Hall of Famer, and he can still make an impact on the passing game, especially if you drop 9 back in pass protection.”

The arrangement will call for Favre to be guaranteed one start per week around the league, preferably for an ailing first stringer. For example, Favre might start week one in Indianapolis, where NFL icon Peyton Manning could miss the Colt’s first game due to procrastinated knee surgery.

Favre will wear a generic “steady quarterback” uniform all season that features a huge high-definition image of his face emblazoned on the back of it. Instead of a number, he will wear the “infinity” sign.

Week to week, the commissioner’s office will determine which team is in most “need” of Favre. If there are no injuries to starting QBs, the team with the lowest-rated passer will be forced to start Favre for that week. No team will be required to start Favre twice in the season, unless it wants to waive that provision. Should two teams wish to start Favre in the same week – an event deemed highly unlikely by NFL analysts – the team with the most seriously injured QB and/or the lowest record will secure Favre’s services.

There is even talk about Favre being allowed to start for one – or perhaps both – of the teams that play in Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa Bay in January, but a spokesman for Goodell called that a “remote possibility.” However, Favre’s agent, Leigh Steinberg, said discussions were in an “advanced stage.”

“Brett could easily help both teams chart a path to victory in the most important game of the year,” said Steinberg. “Because he’ll be wearing the same special ‘steady quarterback’ uniform all season, it’s not like he’ll have to delay the game by switching gear when the possession changes. In fact, after one of his many interceptions, he could just stay on the field. The game would really flow a lot more smoothly.”