Bridge Collapse Prompts Review of Safety Inspection Standards

(San Clemente : Ucs News) In the wake of several shocking collapses, the US bureau of Inspections is now reviewing its operational procedures and safety standards. According to the bureau’s inspector general, “sand castle collapses are a growing threat to our childrens’ happiness and beach safety.”

The case of Billy Speckles is a haunting reminder of how structural deficiencies can lead to a tragic collapse. After several hours of construction, the Speckle family’s sprawling sand castle and interconnected pool complex was savagely destroyed by the incoming tide. According to William Speckles “The local officials were powerless to save Billy’s castle, it was shocking how they could stand by and let this happen.”

It has been reported that the 7 year old was inconsolably distraught until an ice cream cone was applied.

According to the Bureau’s Rod Stevens, the inspection standards for sand castles and temporary beach-side constructions has not been updated since 1975. According to Rod, the Specks case will be tragically repeated until public officials have the courage to act.

US Bureau of Inspections own internal reports show “significant” concerns related to both low tide and high tide sand castle constructions. According to one official, the current policies are inadequate and “can only lead to disaster.”