WASHINGTON– At a press conference, White House Press Secretary Tony Snow explained, ” The safety of the President is of prime importance. Although things are going extremely well in our effort to bring democracy to Iraq, and photo opportunities of the President visiting Iran are of prime importance to the morale of the troops over there, there is still a tiny bit of danger. Ensconced in the Green Zone, and surrounded by security guards, the PPBSM-1 is an added layer of security for the Commander in Chief who is planning another visit there shortly.”

Snow added, “Brown & Root, is already building another, which will be a two-person one. This will be in the Presidential bedroom in the White House and will protect the President and Laura, should there be any unforeseen retaliation when the President gives the order to the aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf to strike Iran.”

Brown & Root engineer and designer, Harold Fiske, on the podium with the press secretary, answered a question from Dan Horvach of The Associated Press….. “Yes, the PPBSM-1 will accompany the president whenever he ventures outside the White House,” said Fiske. ” ….and in view of his recent scare in Afghanistan, Vice President Cheney has ordered one also. Congress has already approved the cost of $32 million each. We anticipate requests from Condoleezza Rice, Josh Bolton, Karl Rove, Defense Secretary Gates and others.
Fiske smiled, “Of course we are happy Brown & Root has been awarded the no-bid contract.”