British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott Denies George W. Bush Insult.

United Kingdom Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has denied reports that, in a fit of frustration over America’s handling of the Civil War in Iraq, he called Mr. Bush a “cowboy with his Stetson hat”, and termed his peace plan for the Middle East “crap”.The comments supposedly were made during a private meeting of lawmakers from the British Labour Party and were apparently reported by Harry Cohen, a MP from that Party who attended the meeting.

In attempting to distance himself from the remarks, Mr. Prescott’s office issued a statement that in part explained, “This is an inaccurate report of a private conversation,” and went on to say, “What the Deputy Prime Minister actually said was that Mr. Bush was acting like a cowboy in his Stetson hat, not with his Stetson hat. The difference between the two statements could not be plainer, and we wish that MP Cohen would refrain from mischaracterizing Mr. Prescott’s words. After all, Mr. Prescott just loves the crap out of George W. Bush, even if he is a bit of a bleeding idiot.”

At a time when polling results in the UK show a public solidly behind continuing to follow Mr. Bush’s lead in the War of Error