British Terror attacks shock and disappoint Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden

(London : Ucs News International) The failed terror attacks in England have sent shock waves worldwide. In London Police are searching for more terror suspects while Osama Bin Laden announces a major shake-up in the Al-Qaeda military operations division.

According sources inside Al-Qaeda Bin Laden is furious with the “amateur antics” of the Al-Qaeda linked groups in England. Upon hearing of the botched attacks Bin Laden ordered the decapitation of his chief military commander Ayman Mohammed Mohammed Ayman.

Bin Laden the de-facto leader of Al-Qaeda is quoted as saying “Dam, that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a royal blow-hard but he did get things done.” While Al-Qaeda has mounted many attacks since Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s capture it just “Isn’t like the good old days before 9/11” says Bin Laden

Ayman al-Zawahiri stated on his my space page that “The new Al-Qaeda linked groups in England are pathetic. The three terror suspects in custody and a fourth in hospital are a shame to all the suicide bombers before them.” They just don’t make martyrs like they used to.