Britney Receives Lap Dance from President During Comeback Performance


San Diego, CA (O! Online) – In her first live performance in years, and after a controversial abbreviated trip to rehab, Britney Spears received a lap dance from President George W Bush, who had flown cross country just to attend the event and show support for Ms. Spears. Afterwards, the president and first lady thanked her for her continued support over the years and welcomed her back to show business.

This was the president’s second dance performance in as many weeks, coming off of a limited special engagement with a group of African dancers who had made an appearance at the White House. An administration spokesperson stated that focus groups had rated the president very highly in multiple approval scores in regards to his dancing abilities. The White House is also reported to be considering a guest appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” for the president.

The president’s performance was said to be met with “shock and awe” by the carefully selected and appreciative audience. Half way through the performance, however, the secret service was seen to wrestle to the ground and escort out a lone heckler who began shouting criticisms and accused the president of “lap-synching”.

An appreciative Spears afterwards reaffirmed her steadfast support of the president and his position on the war in Iraq. “He has some real talent,” stated Spears, “I’ve offered whatever support he might need in his ongoing dance with congress… whether he chooses to waltz, tango, or just slam dance, I’m sure he’ll do just fine.”