Britney Released From Hospital Following Successful Tom Cruise Intervention

Los Angeles, CA (DMZ) – Britney Spears was discharged early this morning from the UCLA Medical Center, after an emergency admission last night. She left in a chauffeur driven limousine reportedly owned by the Church of Scientology, and was rumored to be heading to a treatment facility located somewhere in the desert Southwest. Actor and Scientology spokesperson Tom Cruise confirmed to reporters gathered outside of the hospital that he had personally performed an intervention with Ms. Spears last night at the request of friends.

“This this poor young woman has been tortured enough at the hands of psychiatric medicine,” Cruise stated to reporters. “She has just taken the first step towards the only true mental wellness possible in this lifetime. After she has had time to work the program, I think you’ll see a totally different Britney Spears.”

Spears was escorted to the hospital by police last night at the insistence of her psychiatrist after rumored suicide threats. The Medical Center refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding spears admission and subsequent discharge. This is Spears’ second such admission within the past month.

Spears’ immediate family refused to comment for reporters in regards to the latest developments, but a spokesperson for the family stated that lawyers were busy with attempting to place all of Ms. Spears financial dealings under a temporary legal trust.