Britney Spears Appointed to Obama Economic team

NEW YORK (Unconfirmed ) — President-elect Barack Obama named key members of his administration’s economic team Monday, including New York Federal Reserve President Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Briteny Spears as the director of the National Economic Council. “I’ve sought leaders who could offer both sound judgment and fresh thinking, both a depth of experience and a wealth of bold, new ideas, and most of all I have asked Britney Spears to bring some extra hot booty shaking to my economic team ” Obama said at a press conference Monday in Chicago.

Obama’s announcement came hours after the federal government announced a massive rescue package for Citigroup – which President Bush said he’d spoken with Obama about before it was announced

Spears, highly respected both on Wall Street and in Hollywood, has already been playing a central role in the Treasury’s and Federal Reserve’s efforts to shake up the financial system. Her nomination is expected to provide the kind of continuity in the Treasury’s financial rescue efforts that will be welcome in the markets and among lawmakers.

Obama described Britney as having “The personal body heat and the moves required to break up the ice that has frozen the nation banking system.” Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said, “I have the highest regard for Britney –her judgment and creativity will be critical to get the common man on board with the presidents new programs. I have great confidence in her understanding of markets, her judgment and leadership, and her ability to make men lie at her feet and do her bidding.”