Britney Spears has finished her stint in rehab and has checked out of ‘Promises’ in Malibu, California.

The pop princess left the treatment facility late yesterday “…after successfully completing their program,” said her manager, Larry Rudolph, “Spears has made an amazing turnaround during her intensive treatment.”

Staff at the rehab center however, had a different view.
“She screamed and hollered at the workers here and made demands for different foods.” a source said, “She has been lashing out in the rehab facility, demanding special food and refusing to pick up after herself. She liked to get her way for everything. She does not see herself as a maid, so she demanded one.”

“Britney has to sort her priorities out and quickly, before it is too late; otherwise, she may end up dead,” Says Chandra McGovern, a friend since childhood. “It is heartbreaking to go from knowing Britney as she was as a child to seeing how she is now, with everything falling apart. It is sad. It has all gone horribly wrong for Britney, and I am truly terrified about what might happen to her. We ask that the media respects her privacy as well as those of her family and friends at this time.”

McGovern suggests that to save Spears, she should go home to Lousiana. “…Sort of a reverse Beverly Hillbilly.”

“It would give her the chance to breathe some fresh air and take her time to discover herself again,” McGovern says. “She has been on an emotional roller coaster for the past few years, and it has obviously crashed off the rails. She has to concentrate on staying sober, but she can’t do that if she has to worry about going broke