Britney Spears' New Baby? George Bush Sends Troops To Pakistan? Suri Cruise? Today, It's About Ed…

(New York–NY) I never thought I’d be part of the “Day without (fill in the blank)” You know, “Day without Broadway”, “Day without Art”, the events we have to show how devastating diseases like AIDS can be. And while I don’t put myself in the category as those brave people who have AIDS or cancer or are in the Sudan, pretty soon there will be a “Day without Ed-E-torial”.

For those of you who clicked through like the people slowing down at a car wreck just to get their fill of gore and then say, “Thank (fill in the deity of your choice), it wasn’t me,” you can come along for the ride. Like the extended automobile metaphor I worked in there?

For the others who really want to know the deal, I’ve been writing on Unconfirmed Sources since March 2005. Some of my posts have been good, some not so good, but I always tried to get a laugh and sneak in a point. It went so well that certain people decided to do a test Vlog called Ed-E-torial. If you want to find out more about that, visit MySpace blogs.

But even the most bargain basement video costs money. And the results that the people with the power of the purse are looking for are not coming in. “Page views are good, but could be a lot better.” “Downloads need to be low triple figures a day. They’re only mid double.” I could gripe here and say that if maybe those who have the power of the purse would use some of the stuff that folds instead of jingles to promote Ed-E-torial I wouldn’t be writing this. But I knew the deal when I started. Others have been so gracious, like the Publisher of UCS, who has done everything to promote my Vlog from naming a category for me to giving my mug shot time on the site.

What am I saying? Okay. Cut to the chase. If things don’t change, it’s very doubtful that Ed-E-torial will be around. “Day without Ed-E-torial” will be a reality. I don’t have a right, but I’m going to ask anyway. Check out my YouTube links. Download the episodes below. If you like what you see, pass on this link to just five people. It would help a great deal. Or send the YouTube links to five people. And if you can, and this would be a big help, please contribute to the Ed-E-Fund by clicking on the Amazon link below. Just a quarter would help, even a dime.One thing I will tell you about my personal life. I write obituaries for The New York Times. A little secret about obit writers, we keep running files on those people ready to check out. I have an uncanny knack for predicting who will be next. And I’m getting that feeling about Ed-E-torial.

Now, I’ll go back behind the curtain. The old saying goes, if you want sympathy, get a dog. That holds especially true in satire.

Next week, Ed E will be back.

Thanks to you all!

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