Britney Spears to Sue Church and Dwight, Inc. Manufacturers of Trojans

New York, NY (O!-Online) – One Day after admitting that she and husband Kevin Federline were pregnant again on the David Letterman show, Britney Spears announced that she had initiated a multi-million dollar law suit against Church and Dwight Inc., the manufacturers of Trojan condoms. Spears was suing to recoup potential lost revenue expected as a result of the second pregnancy, as well as damages for pain and suffering.

Spears told reporters assembled that she felt that Church and Dwight promoted a dangerous and misleading product that has resulted in her second pregnancy and may also result in a separation and divorce from current husband Kevin Federline.

“I knew that there was really no risk of getting pregnant immediately after Sean Preston was born,” stated Spears, “everybody knows that from church… but I was just trying to be absolutely sure. Against my better judgment, I decided to use them for extra protection… I always made sure that the foil barrier stayed intact, and I know for sure that I was inserting them correctly. Kevin kept complaining about pain and actually wound up with a bad laceration once that required stitches. They were uncomfortable for me, too and I still wound up getting pregnant. In fact, I’m convinced that this pregnancy is the direct result of using this product. I just want to get the word out about the evils of condoms that they don’t tell you about to young girls before they wind up in my situation.”

A spokesperson for Church and Dwight refused to comment on the record about the suit. Off the record, the spokesperson admitted that their product could indeed be somewhat dangerous in the wrong hands.