Britney Threatens Harper's with Lawsuit after Nude Cover Bumped by Rice

New York (APE) – Teen idol Britney Spears threatened the publishers of Harper’s Bazaar with a multi-million dollar lawsuit today when it was revealed that her controversial pregnant nude cover and spread was being bumped by a similar pictorial of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Harper’s stated that it had never made a firm commitment to Spears and that the magazine had exercised its editorial rights to bring a story that would be of more interest to its readers.

“This is our fall shopping review issue,” stated a Harper’s editor, who wished to remain anonymous for legal reasons, “we felt that Ms. Rice would be a far better tie in with this theme. Condi had a much better story to tell, as well.”

Rice, in a similar situation to Spears, will reportedly include nude photos of her first child, and elaborate upon the circumstances behind her now second pregnancy. Rice steadfastly refuses to reveal the identity of the father of the two children, citing national security concerns, but speaks at length about the rigors involved in successfully concealing her first pregnancy while maintaining a full time job.

In the issue, Rice describes her experiences on shopping in Europe under a tight budget with time constraints.

Rice was asked to comment upon how the controversial article and photo spread might reflect upon her position in the Bush Administration. She stated, “I pride myself as always being on top of things… at the same time, you try to plan carefully, but leaks happen. I really don’t see how this will affect my abilities to continue to serve the President. I think that, as Americans, we should all just trust President Bush. If he says we’re protected, then we’re protected.”

Lawyers representing Britney Spears refused to comment.

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