Brooks Institute Resorts to Torture to Increase Enrollments

Under fire from its parent company, the Career Education Corporation, Brooks Institute has resorted to torturing its admissions representatives in order to increase enrollments.

Like many for-profit schools, Brooks Institute has felt the crunch of hard economic times. Currently only 600 students attend the school down from a high of nearly 3,000 only four years ago. Rather than blame the economy, Brooks officials have been blaming the admissions representatives.

“If the reps work harder and devote every waking moment to Brooks they will be able to increase enrollments”, insisted Brooks Admissions vice president Elmo Fudd.

Fudd insists he does not use any physical abuse on the reps but merely threatens them with unemployment, forces them to work overtime without compensation, intimidates, harasses and verbally abuses them. Several reps have had nervous breakdowns.

“There is no sexual abuse at all”, insisted admissions director Allan Fahtass. “We don’t care about sex, religion, national origin or skin color. We are equal opportunity abusers!”

Many of the admissions reps promise the students that they will be able to fund their educations through low interest loans whereas, in reality, the students walk away hundreds of thousands of dollars in high interest debt.

Also, the school has lowered its admission standards. When the school had nearly full enrollment they required students to graduate high school with a Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher. Now, in these desperate economic times, the only requirement is the ability to pay.

“But if they have a GPA of 1.0 or less then we make them write an essay telling us how much money they have” said Fudd. “Granted, many of our new students are not very bright,” “But at least they can pay!”

Other for-profit colleges are using the Brooks Institute method as a role model.