Brooks Institute To Offer Certificate in Pornography

In another desperate attempt to make money, Southern California based for-profit Brooks Institute is now offering an 8 month certificate program in adult pornography.

Brooks Institute has long been known as a school for photography, film making, visual journalism and graphic arts. School officials say the jump to pornography is the logical next step.

“We’ve done everything we can to make money”, said Admissions Vice President Elmo tried unsuccessfully to sell our main campus for millions of dollars and we’ve verbally beaten and harassed the admissions representatives to get 20 enrollments each a month or else be fired. We think offering a course in pornography will increase enrollments substantially!”

Fudd also explained that pornography can be part of their Bachelor of Arts program. However, the students will still graduate with a BA in either photography or film making. “People love sex”, Fudd explained. “If they love sex then they will love our new certificate program”.

“There is no shortage of sex in California”, Fudd claimed. “We expect enrollments will go through the roof!”

Film maker Jenna Jameson is being considered to head the new program. “These days you just can’t make a living taking pictures of flowers and apples”, Ms Jameson stated.

Brooks Institute President Greg Marmalard displayed several pornographic videos and he pointed out that many of the films were not made by professionals and this resulted in poor quality videos.

“We anticipate many of our graduates will become successful pornographers”, Marmalard confidently stated. “When you see a top quality porn video you will point your finger and say ‘I’m sure a Brooks alumnus did that’!”