Bush 2006 Federal Budget Joins A Million Little Pieces in Fiction Section

Unconfirmed sources report that the President’s new budget has been classified as fiction by the nation’s book sellers. The 2006 Federal budget reached book stores across the nation yesterday and has already rocketed to the top of several fiction best sellers lists. Book retailers are excited by the sales of the book and are dismissing criticism by the White House about the book’s classification.

“I guess I just don’t understand what the big deal is.” Says Borders Books new products manager Ben Kingsly. “We got the book, we read it, and then we made our determination as to where to shelve it. That’s really it. We are not taking a political stand here , we are just calling it the way we see it. By our standards this book does not reach the level of truthfulness to be called non-fiction.”

The White House has expressed outrage at the decision and is contemplating legislative action against the book sellers. “This is a travesty!” said White House spokesmen Ben Lion. “Our people have worked long and hard on this budget expecting it to be given the respect it deserves. Having it placed on the fiction shelf is an affront to this administration and the American people. We want this book on the shelf next to other respected works of non-fiction like A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. That’s where the budget belongs.”

Experts in the field of book classification have sided with the book sellers and are especially concerned about the blurring of fact and fiction that has become common place in today’s fast moving culture.

“My colleagues and I are of one mind on this one.” Says expert Susan Grimes. “This Budget is fiction. After only a cursory reading we saw that whole sections of the real budget story have been left out all together. There is no mention of the ongoing war costs in Iraq, Afghanistan and probably Iran. And there is also no mention of the billions it will take to plug the whole left by the planned alternative minimum tax reform. Plain and simple this 2006 budget is fiction, and not very good fiction at that.”